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The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers’ (SLCCC) primary focus is to focus on bettering our region through the achievement of best practices in project delivery for the AEC industry. The SLCCC is recognized as a regional leader championing promotion of project delivery best practices through our educational programs, information sharing, and professional collaboration. The Council fosters improvement in the region focusing on key pillars: Training and Education, Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, and Collaboration

We invite you and your company or organization to become a Member of the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers today to benefit both your personal and professional development within the design and construction industry! We may be led by “consumers of construction” or the buyers, but we are a forum of “everyone at the table” improving on the needs of our region.

Our Mission

SLCCC endeavors to enhance reductions in project cost growth, improve schedule reductions and improve safety with reduced lost work day incidence rates through education and training of CII Best Practices.

Our Newest Members

  • ACI Boland
  • GRP Wegman
  • Crossover Media LLC
  • Vestal Corporation
  • Hankins Construction
  • Signature Craft
  • Armstrong Teasdale
  • Woodard Restoration
  • PKM Engineering Design
  • Wies Drywall and Construction Corp

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SLCCC Membership

The membership of the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers includes some of the largest construction consumers in the metropolitan area. Because of the size and volume of their construction activities, the Council is recognized as the voice of “Owners” in the St. Louis region. Thus, our voice and impact on construction industry practices is strong and influential. We have multiple levels of membership available – including one that fits your needs!

Owner Sustaining (Current: Ameren, Bayer, Boeing)
Owner Corporate
Owner Public
Associate (Includes Services/Products to the Design and Construction Industry)

We invite you and your company to become part of our important voice for construction consumers in the St. Louis region!

Contact Kelly Jackson today at 636-394-6200 about how to become a member!

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Continuing Education

The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers offers a variety of Continuing Education Programs to enhance your personal and professional development in the construction industry as well as promote CII Best Practices in your work.

Our Continuing Education Programs focus on building your personal knowledge and understanding of current construction trends and topics, including the 17 CII Best Practices. At the conclusion of most of our Education programs, participants have earned valuable Professional Development Hours (PDH) or Learning Units (LU) to advance their careers.

Our Continuing Education Programs are offered on a monthly basis at various locations in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Contact Kelly Jackson to discuss becoming a Premium, Gold, or Silver Annual Program sponsor! See our annual education sponsorship section for our best sponsorship opportunities. THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS! Special mention to KOZENY WAGNER as our Platinum Sponsor!

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Everyone is welcome to attend our programs and events! We do have a few member only events and member only committees, sponsorship opportunities, and resources.

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