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Council membership is composed of some of the largest construction consumers in the metropolitan area. Because of the size and volume of their construction activities, the Council is recognized as the voice of Owners in the St. Louis region. Regardless of whether you’re planning a single construction project or have a multi-project program, your voice should be part of that critical mass.

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Benefits of Membership

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“Attending a monthly SLCCC Education Program not only educates it fosters a collaborative and working relationship with area’s leading consumers of construction. With that said the better value is working on our incredibly important committees. It’s through these committees we truly impact the SLCCC mission and provide the most value.” Kelly Jackson, Executive Director

SLCCC events provide excellent networking opportunities. It’s a privilege for SLATE to be at the table.” ~ Earline Bell, SLATE

“SLCCC is a great place to learn and network.” ~ Ted Mettler, L. Keeley Construction

“The networking opportunities I’ve had as a Member of SLCCC have helped me and my company.” ~ Bob Conte, Bayer

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SLCCC’s focus on improving the cost effectiveness of labor resources

  • Productivity – Council members affect construction productivity through participation in research and educational opportunities. The Council’s Strategic Plan includes initiatives to improve productivity.
  • Competitiveness – Growth is a major theme for the Council. St. Louis must compete with major metropolitan areas for development opportunities. The construction industry must support this competition through improved value.
  • Industry Relations – The Council meets regularly with PRIDE, contractor associations, labor leadership, designers, and professional organizations on a routine basis. You have an opportunity to share your goals, ideas, and concerns with key construction industry leadership.

SLCCC’s leadership to align design and construction with Owner expectations

  • Quality of Design – Through representation on standing committees with design professionals and contractors, your voice helps identify cost-effective strategies to improve design quality.
  • Substance Abuse – The Council provides model substance abuse contract language, which keep projects free from substance abusers. You can benefit from sharing a common program and solutions with other Owners.
  • Safety – Through a model program, you can promote aggressive safety efforts by contractors so that every worker can go home injury free at the end of the day.
  • Diversity – Learn from other Owners the best strategies to promote development and use of women- and minority-owned firms and craft workers.
  • Workforce Development – Through Council programs, you can be involved in developing your work force of the future, attracting young people to construction careers and supporting industry efforts to recruit, train, and retain construction professionals and craft workers.
  • Training and Education – We are unlike any other organization in the programs we present. Our speakers come from the industry and speak to industry challenges and solutions. Our programs provide continuing education credits. We also have all stakeholders present and collaborating on improving design and construction in the St. Louis region and Southern IL region.

SLCCC’s attention to governmental issues that impact construction

  • Permitting – Through the Council, you gain a stronger voice in accessing local government to facilitate the permitting process. Learn from other Owners the strategies and techniques to navigate the process better.
  • Public Policy – The Council tracks public policy issues that could impact your construction, distributes information, and coordinates Owner response. This is supported through the Council’s membership in the Missouri Growth Association.

SLCCC’s information and contacts that improve your construction projects

  • Education – Take advantage of monthly programs on construction technology, delivery methods, legal issues, current projects, and other issues impacting construction. The Council is the local delivery vehicle for results on ongoing research by the Construction Industry Institute.
  • Networking – Through education programs, committees, the annual golf outing, and other membership activities, you receive valuable networking opportunities with other Owners and with the contractor, design professional, and labor sectors of the industry.
  • Construction Guidelines – Take advantage of industry guideline documents developed by the Council working with contractor and design professional associations that improve construction planning, delivery, and completion.
  • Website – Information for you and the construction industry is at your fingertips through this website thru content and our blog.

Types of Memberships

Owner Sustaining

Owners with a major presence and who historically perform significant amounts of construction work or who voluntarily agree to support the organization at a higher level.

Owner Corporate

Private, nonprofit, institutional and other Owners whose revenues are not publicly funded.

Owner Public

Owners who have a majority of their revenue publicly funded.


Organization or individual not qualifying as an Owner member, but having an interest in construction matters who desire to participate in the council’s mission to improve the design and construction industry (e.g., design consultants, contractors, vendors, etc.).

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