The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers is proud to announce our official name to go by change. Our legal name will remain long, but you can now call us SLC3!  Not all things were bad in 2020. We conducted a strategic planning and branding strategy process throughout the year resulting in many changes for the organization. The Strategic Planning Committee consisted of officers, executive committee members, board members and for the first time associate members were included.  Due to the pandemic the initial plan is for one year vs. our typical four years. But what we are highlighting now is that we do have an easier name and hopefully a lot less confusing since it is so similar to STLCC or SLCC and often misquoted or mistyped. We are adapting all of our communications to the new name. We also have a new look.  It was widely agreed that our logo needed to be updated and a better reflection of who we are as an organization.  Although our colors are similar the blue and oranges are different shades.  We are truly excited about sharing more about the changes for 2021.  With our 50th Anniversary we celebrate all that we have accomplished and also our vision of what we hope to be.

The SLC3 is a community of design and construction industry professionals with a common interest in the betterment of our region through prioritizing innovation, continuing education, equity empowerment and all-inclusive workforce collaboration. Our community includes owners, designers, consultants, contractors, developers, trades, legal counsel, accounting, banking, insurance, marketing, and other service providers.  

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Kelly Jackson, Executive Director
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