SLC3 Diversity Advancement Series

By: Christy Cunningham, Hastings & Chivetta


Quotes from Rebeccah Bennett (Emerging Wisdom LLC)

“Building together means nobody fails.”

“No majority vs. minority and we’ll all one!”

Things overheard/quotes from the Diversity Advancement conversation series. 


“Returning to normal isn’t acceptable because it didn’t work in the first place.” – Rebeccah Bennett from Emerging Wisdom, LLC.

Can this be more true than in today’s pandemic world? As we struggle professionally and personally to find our new normal, our guest speaker said that “crisis provides opportunity.” While we’re all pivoting in some way, let’s see how we can turn to those we haven’t worked with previously or connect with a new mentor.


“Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being asked to dance.” – Verna Myers

Not only does this ring true personally, it also is important when it comes to professional situations. Being invited to the pre-bid is only half the battle but you’ve got to make the rounds talking to those who may benefit from collaborating with your company. This blog expands on this quote and got our committee thinking about who we ask to dance with us.


Seven diverse business shared their capabilities and stories. 

List all of them here? Bolden Construction Services, Taylor Roofing, Custom Engineering, Fox Architects, Envision Lighting Design LLC, Sledroc Construction Inc., ABNA Engineering.


“Relationships are fostered”-Charles Henson w/BJC during a breakout session

Starting out on your own as a new business is complicated and building relationships plus continuing to nurture those partnerships are just as important as entering payroll and ensuring a safe project site. Everyone brings value to the conversation and you just have to ask questions but most importantly listen to how a partnership can be mutually beneficial to both organizations.

SLC3’s new strategic plan or mission statement.

The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLC3) is the St. Louis Region’s unified community for all design and construction stakeholders to improve our region through four key pillars: innovation, education, equity empowerment, and collaboration.