Six Sigma One Point Lessons

One Point Lessons (OPL’s) are short visual presentations on a single point that has three purposes:

  • They sharpen job-related knowledge and skills by communication information about specific problems and improvements.
  • They easily share important information just-in-time.
  • They improve the team’s performance.

OPL’s usually fit on a single sheet of paper.  It consists of figures, pictures, and diagrams with a limited amount of text.  The OPL enables a team to share key learnings and builds common understanding of the systems and standards that apply to a work area.  The OPL can be laminated and posted on or in the work area (or on equipment) to provide the knowledge on how to complete a task safely.

Your organization does not have to have a formal Six Sigma/Lean Manufacturing program to realize the benefits of the one-point lesson.  The OPL process is easy to use, effective and an inexpensive way to teach knowledge and skills to work safely.

The OPL lesson can efficiently and effectively fill safety gaps in your organization and supplement your safety training programs.  It ensures the team members have the knowledge they need to do their job safety and are aware of the potential risks.  There are endless opportunities for single point lessons as a learning tool within your organization.  Examples of OPL’s are shared in this blog – you are encouraged to use this simple tool to teach knowledge and skills necessary to prevent injuries.

Kirby Kraft (Bayer) is the Past Chair of our Health & Safety Committee and is an active member.