Day Two: Belonging 

Education and understanding the implications of unconscious bias is critical to cultivating a culture of inclusion and belonging. Belonging is that sense you get that you are a valued member of a community. When people feel that they are part of a community, they feel a sense of purpose. 

Daily Simulcast Video: 

Marianna Sousa: Belonging Keynote (English)

Marianna Sousa: Belonging Keynote (Spanish voiceover)

Run time: ~11 minutes total


Daily Live Webinars 

12:00 ET:

Building an Inclusive Culture

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Presented by Associated Builders and Contractors of America


1:00 ET:

Deconstructing Dominant Culture to Build Belonging

Sharon Hidalgo, Dr. Sharbreon Plummer, and Dr. Rachael Forester as they engage in a multi-tiered assessment to understand the internalization and impact of dominant culture on “belonging” in the workplace.

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Presented by the National Association of Women in Construction