SLC3 Membership Application

Click the link below that best applies to your corporate or personal situation
to apply for or to renew your membership in the SLC3 – St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers!


[mepr-membership-link id=”2823″]Sustaining[/mepr-membership-link] – ($5500)

Owners with a major presence and who historically perform significant amounts of construction work or who voluntarily agree to support the organization at a higher level.

[mepr-membership-link id=”2824″]Corporate[/mepr-membership-link] – ($2750)

Private, nonprofit, institutional and other Owners whose revenues are not publicly funded.

[mepr-membership-link id=”2825″]Public[/mepr-membership-link] – ($1650)

Owners who have a majority of their revenue publicly funded.


[mepr-membership-link id=”2821″]Associate[/mepr-membership-link] – ($1100)

Contractors, construction managers, architects, engineers, lawyers, bonding and insurance companies, others associated with the construction community.

Associate – Emerging Firm

Firms certified as MBE, WBE, or DBE by any of the St. Louis area public authorities which certify firms and makes application for membership within three years of the firm’s formation.

(Dues are $275 in year 1; $550 in year 2; $825 in year 3; and full Associate dues in year 4)

[mepr-membership-link id=”2826″]Year 1[/mepr-membership-link] – ($275)

[mepr-membership-link id=”2827″]Year 2[/mepr-membership-link] – ($550)

[mepr-membership-link id=”2828″]Year 3[/mepr-membership-link] – ($825)

[mepr-membership-link id=”2829″]Year 4[/mepr-membership-link] – ($1100)

The Council is a not for profit organization under Section 501 (c) (6) of the Internal Revenue Code. Dues and contributions are not deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deductible as business expenses on your tax return. The Council’s EIN is 43-0968213.