The SLCCC is hosting owner roundtable discussions regarding the challenges of the pandemic and moving forward. Here is some insight from each of our organization leaders.  We hope this information helps all members and we are always open to hearing how we can provide you information to help you with our core mission in training and education, safety, diversity and inclusion and advocacy.

MSD – Rich Unverferth

  • Work is still being done and slated projects still moving forward.

  • Current in-house workforce is at 50%.

  • Start times are staggered for social distancing.

  • Concerns about employee’s time spent outside the office regarding social distancing and whether they are putting others at risk for coming in.

Ameren – Ken Beckmann

  • There is a phased approach back into the office June 1, including 4 phases.

  • Concerns and restrictions considered on plane trips including excluding travel to hot spots or quarantines after traveling to hot spots.

  • Construction still ongoing with not stops

  • Mitigation and preventative safety measure working well

  • Considering quarantines after vacations

  • Still conducting screening on site to include temperature checks and questionnaires

Parkway SD – James Swingle

  • Construction proceeding as planned and with jump start given school vacated early

  • Concerns regarding bringing kids and staff back next school year

  • Looking to July for more possible answers on plans for return

Boeing – Doug Graham

  • Reducing need for office space as work from home has worked and will continue to be implemented.

  • Determining social distancing needs for those who are returning back to the office. Considering partitions depending on budget.

St. Louis Lambert Airport – Gerald Beckmann

  • Still checking all airport employees temperatures

  • Following and complying with all County Executive Orders

  • Numbers picking up on travel from a 98% decrease in travel to 90%

  • Using Video Conference

ICL Performance Group – David Kaltwasser

  • Split workforce into 2 groups between salary and hourly employees, but back to normal

  • Hourly workers working 12 hour shifts

  • Temp Checks for each worker for screening

  • No Covid-19 Cases

  • No in-person meetings

  • Every employee must wear masks

  • Contractors still working well

Opus – Mark Winschel

  • We’re planning ‘re-entry’ next week Tuesday. A groups and B groups. Only 50% max in office Mon – Thur. No one Fri – Sun, period for sanitation purposes. Scheduled expected well into summer.

  • We have 4 phases total, but I doubt we get back to somewhat normal until a year from now.

Overall concerned with:

  • Handling returning employees and safety

  • Workforce issues with vacations this summer (Quarantine for 2 weeks after and how to cover the work if work can’t be performed remotely)