“After attending my first Safety Committee meeting with the SLCCC, I knew it was an organization I wanted to be involved with. At the meeting, I was surrounded by other owners, contractors, and representatives from labor unions. We had everyone in one room, sitting together, discussing the issues that we all faced and working together to find a path forward that improved project safety on the job sites. Not just creating new rules but working together to find an approach that made a real difference for all of us and those we represented.

I was surrounded by people to meet, network with, learn from, and share ideas with. I was later exposed to new leadership opportunities within the council, another way to give back to our community. Because really, the SLCCC is about the development of the entire St. Louis metropolitan area.

The Council’s central focus is on Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Training and Education, and Collaboration. These four “pillars” are designed to help everyone associated with the construction industry in our region learn, grow, and improve. Owners, contractors, labor, service providers, all come together to learn, share, and develop best practices.”

Michael Hargrave is the Construction Safety Manager for BJC HealthCare and is responsible for overseeing the organization’s contractor safety program. A veteran of the steel industry, he’s had plenty of experience with high hazard construction. As the BJC construction safety manager, he oversees the organization’s Contractor Safety Program for the system. In his current role, Michael is focused on developing a strong culture of safety and identifying best practices that benefit the entire organization and its construction partners. Michael is also  very active in the SLCCC serving as the Chair of the Safety Committee, a member of the Strategic Planning Committee, and as the BJC Board Member.