#1: Ensure your employees know your members!

Too often members are marking themselves as non-members.  Membership is not individual it is company-wide.  Let everyone know we are a resource to all and all are welcome to participate as members.

#2: Take advantage of professional development opportunities

We host educational opportunities monthly. These programs are designed to meet specific educational criteria including self-development, CII best practices, safety best practices, and latest in technology and trends.  PDH/LU’s are available from each of our training and education and safety programs.  Owners and sponsors have complimentary registrations and members receive a great discount on programs!

#3: Network with your peers, colleagues, and decision makers

Whether you are an owner, an associate member or an affiliate member, we know networking with peers and with decision makers is critical to growth.  Building relationships is vital regardless of which side of the aisle you sit.  Peer to peer or business to business, the SLCCC provides the most unique opportunity to connect with all of the AEC community. Owners, designers, contractors, organizations, unions, suppliers, service providers all come together through our membership and events. There is no better way to build your AEC Toolbox.

#4: Join a committee

You’ll network with like-minded individuals or perhaps not, but be enlightened. You’ll hone your leadership skills. You’ll give back to the association. You’ll make a difference. Whether you’re interested in executive leadership, meeting or event planning, technology, awards, diversity and inclusion, safety, membership growth, workforce development, or other areas of Council focus, there’s bound to be a committee that’s the perfect fit for you! Being engaged is simply the best way to help your organization and build your own skills, knowledge and relationships.

#5: Participate via Social Media

Members who utilize membership will gain our attention. News, updates, recent wins are noted by the SLCCC.  We happily will share your content and support you online. Share our content and you will get even more recognition. We are in the digital age and it’s time to get on board with it. We want to know what you have going on!  It’s easier than ever to be in front of your target audience. Owners benefit by learning more about vendors. We are posting, sharing, engaging and educating. Join us.

#6: Affiliate Participation

Owners have the benefit of connecting with our affiliate organizations for knowledge sharing.  This connects us with our region.  Our owner members understand it benefits them to participate via monthly or quarterly discussions regarding labor, diversity, workforce development, policies, and more.

#7: Become a speaker or presenter

Membership always has its perks, and guests speakers certainly are not the exception.  If you possess expertise and experience on topics we want to cover, having a seat at the table certainly helps. Just the same as sponsorship and committee involvements, the more participation the more we know about your organization. It’s top of mind awareness.  We are looking for moderators, speakers, panelists etc. for our safety, educational and diversity programming.  Be a part of creating and delivering the conversation.

#8: Know your resources!

We have some of the greatest minds in the region coming together developing programs, executing programs and delivering information for best practices.  Our programs are highly rated and well attended.  Our website is filled will resources, take five minutes to know what there. Blogs, news, member updates, Board members, calendar, safety guidelines, past presentations, job openings (free posts for members), latest in labor news, etc. Plus, take time to get to know your leadership. Information sharing and collection is the norm for us. Want to know about what’s going with owners? Need to know labor rates? Need to connect with a contractor or an owner? Resources are abundant.

#9: Get Noticed

Membership is discussed via our membership committee and with our Board. The Board approves all new member application and our membership committee reaches out to new members to help guide them into the organization. Our membership list is noticed by owners, and shared with all members and prospective members.  Members have the additional advantage of supporting the SLCCC through sponsorship. In return, sponsors receive a great amount of exposure via our committees, shared with the Board, shared on social media, shared numerous times via email campaigns and also through our programs and events. We make the exception to allow non-member sponsors only for Golf and Awards because we believe in helping to promote our members. We offer spotlights during Diversity meetings.  M/W/DBE firms are welcome to share about their companies to our committee. We offer a low cost event to connect with owners and general contractors to help provide inclusion on projects.

#10: Be a Leader

There are a number of ways to become a leader via our organization. We have many different committees and opportunities to lead.  Owners automatically can fill one Board Seat. They can also serve on our Executive Committee.  Owners can Chair our Committees guiding from our mission. Owners can drive change, the conversation, advocate, and unify.  Associate members can become Co-Chairs on most of our committees. They can lead via subcommittee Chair roles.  They can be invited to participate in our strategic planning.  They can help formulate more committees such as our new formed YP Committee.  Leadership can be pretty powerful when embraced. Leaders change the narrative and unite for common goals.