It’s fascinating to see the evolving landscape of the construction industry and especially here in the St. Louis region. Addressing the labor shortage and navigating supply chain disruptions remain ongoing challenges, shaping how companies adapt and innovate are key areas of focus. The incorporation of emerging technologies is crucial for staying competitive, and it’s exciting to envision the emergence of new business models transforming the industry.

The emphasis on sustainable practices through circularity in construction is promising—it signifies a shift towards more eco-friendly approaches. Prioritizing quality and considering community impact are crucial aspects that can redefine how construction projects are perceived and executed.

Expanding investments also speak to the industry’s recognition of growth opportunities and the potential for innovation. It seems like 2024 will be a pivotal year, pushing construction firms to reevaluate strategies and adopt smarter, more sustainable practices. Here are some of the trends I see for the upcoming year.

  • Construction companies continue to struggle with a labor shortages filling engineering and project management positions..
  • Construction firms fight to keep their profit margins when meeting DEI goals.
  • Construction and design organizations that fail to adopt emerging technologies will fall further behind.
  • New business models will emerge. Design and build will is being reimagined and continually tweaked.
  • Community impact will make even a bigger splash.
  • Expanding investments will be made west of St. Louis in St. Charles County.
  • Technology is being deployed on construction sites using drones for 3D and topographical models and high-res images. And wearables and site sensors may see an uptick to reduce falls, produce more warnings and even track dust saturation or potential hazards.
  • Repetitive tasks are being executed by robots. We can see an increase in this usage.



Kelly Jackson, SLC3 Executive Director

Kelly has 24 years in the AEC industry primarily focusing on growth strategies, marketing communications, and sales. As Executive Director of the SLC3, she is oversees day to day operations and overall strategic direction and management of the United States’ largest local user’s council. Through her leadership the SLC3 provides training and education on trends, best practices, technology, health and safety, DEI and self/team development. Kelly has a unique relationship with consumers of construction and providers uncovering knowledge, pain points and successes. She is motivated to provide the best possible information to the AEC community for the betterment of the STL Bi-State region. Improving through technology, education, equity empowerment and collaboration results in a community most desired for growth and prosperity.