• Choose a font style that your audience can read from a distance. Arial, Century Gothic, Helvetica are best.
  • Choose a font size that your audience can read from a distance. MUST be over 18pt.
  • Use bullets and short sentences keeping to one line and no more than 5-6 bullets per page.
  • Intent is to not to have audience read screen but listen to you so keep it succinct!
  • Make sure you layout the presentation so it won’t get cropped by some projectors. Keep a wide border around content.
  • Remove unnecessary words such as “a” and “the” to keep it concise. Yes, you don’t need so many and never need “that the!”
  • Use graphics and illustrations to tell your story and engage vs. just text. Don’t overdo it though and don’t use copyrighted content or fuzzy images. If it looks fuzzy on your screen it will look worse on a big screen. It also diminishes your professionalism.
  • Choose an appealing template. Don’t distract. DO ensure branding for your company is followed. For organization presentations DO ask what they prefer regarding branding.
  • Use polls to engage.
  • Always proofread your content for spelling and grammar. Mistakes detract from your message

No excuses for anyone creating a presentation. You can follow these steps with success!



Kelly Jackson

Kelly R. Jackson is the Executive Director of the St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers (SLC3). She assumed this position in September 2018 becoming the first woman in the role and just the fourth leader since it was founded in 1971.  Her current role requires wearing multiple hats including leading the strategic direction of the organization, managing day-to-day operations, programming training and education programs, overseeing 38 events in a year, managing all committees and volunteers and directing all marketing and membership growth efforts. The organization’s members consist of some of the largest owners such as Ameren, Bayer, Washington University, BJC and St. Louis County and associate members who are mainly consisting of architects, engineers and contractors. The organization’s key focus is to better the St. Louis Region through innovation, training and education, diversity and inclusion, and collaboration. The organization is unique as it truly brings all stakeholders together for total collaboration on a variety of issues and initiatives. Kelly has 32 years of business experience with a heavy emphasis on marketing/PR/sales and is a proud most notable alumni of Webster University. She has degrees in Advertising and Marketing Communications, Media Communications and Legal Studies. Kelly has spent 25 years in the design and construction (AEC) industry working primarily for mid-sized to large AEC firms. Prior to the SLC3, Kelly founded KRJ Marketing, a marketing, design, and web agency she led for 8 years which catered to many St. Louis AEC companies.  Her firm was recognized in the top marketing, web and PR firms in St. Louis by Small Business Monthly and other online media. Kelly is a Jane of all-trades as a graphic designer/artist, writer, website designer, marketing strategic, digital media expert, business consultant and of course non-profit executive.