DAY FOUR: Workplace Culture

Establishing and maintaining a positive workplace culture means that everyone gets to experience a workplace that is inclusive and respectful. We also know that a good culture leads to increased safety and more productivity, providing higher value to our clients and allowing each and every worker to perform their best work.

Everyone must actively care for each other and ensure that everyone feels both physically and psychologically safe. Our work homes are where we spend our days, and they are where we gather the emotions, attitudes, and behaviors that we bring home to our families.  We should expect to get a high level of respect and standard of care where we work. We must create workplaces that are equitable and meet the needs of all employees, industry-wide. We need to ensure workplaces are free of bias and harassment; where all are treated with respect; sites where our professional opinions are heard and valued and all have a seat at the table.  Additionally, our clients appreciate and have come to expect a diverse and respectful workplace. This is not diversity on paper only, we need to foster collaborative and inclusive teams where everyone can do their best work and deliver for our clients.

Simply said: When it comes to workplace culture, it has to be practiced and lived daily. Everyone has to be about it and not just talk about it.

Reading Materials:
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Respectful Workplaces