The construction industry is cyclical, a roller coaster of economic trends. In early 2o20, the industry was riding on an upswing. Most large contractors held confidence they could ride out any possible downturn, capitalizing on large backlogs to offset any downturns. Design firms projected a good number of projects in the near future.

However,  COVID-19 happened. This pandemic is unlike anything the industry has experienced going back generations. No warning, and rather than a tapering off of markets from economic troubles or even natural or unnatural disasters, the epidemic hit us all swiftly and impact-fully. The construction industry however is not where we were a decade ago and turning over every rock for the next project. Instead the work is there, and now we have to figure out how to get the work done, struggle with increases costs and material availability, and of course adapt to a new normal within a pandemic. Here is a recap of 2021 and the top firms forging ahead with all this said. Click the links for a download of the PDF’s for design and construction.

We congratulate our members listed for their success!

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